Writing Club update


Today I put out a sign-up sheet for my writing club and was amazed and delighted to have 103 children sign up to take part this year!!! It has grown and grown, from 40 kids the first year I ran it, to 60 last year and now 103 this year! The great thing is that there are pretty much equal numbers of girls and boys and also quite an even split between years 5 and 6.

The only trouble is that there are only 18 computers in the ICT suite. Several people are going to pair up and work together, but there still wasn’t enough room for everyone in 3 sessions a week. I asked the Head if I could do an extra session, but she quite rightly said that I might burn out if I try to take on too much and that 3 lunchtimes a week was quite enough with everything else I have to do too! So I have decided I will split them into 2 groups and children will come every other week rather than every week. That way, everyone gets to take part without it overwhelming all my lunch breaks. The children will be able to work on their novels in between sessions and I have advised them to bring a USB stick or to learn their email address so they can use google docs or email their book to themself.

I’m so happy that so many children are joining the club – I never thought it would become so popular. Can’t wait to get going on Monday!


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  1. Brilliant news and amazing how quickly numbers have snowballed over the 3 years. The 2 week break may also give them an appetite to come back and something to really look forward to, instead of getting their reading fix once a week. looking forward to more updates.

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