Say hello to the new Drama Co-ordinator!


Found out today that I am going to be the new Drama Leader in school, as well as continuing to co-ordinate RE! I am very excited about this new opportunity! I’m hoping to be able to help everyone to integrate drama seamlessly into their planning and share lots of ideas so that they feel really confident and happy about using it in class.

I have already started off by arranging for two drama teachers from Australia to come in to school to see how we use drama in education in the UK. To be fair I had already organised that before I knew I had been given this responsibility – it’s like it was meant to be πŸ™‚

I’ve also completely revamped our RE planning using the Cambridge scheme linked to by @theotheralig. Everyone was really pleased and happy to be given the chance to change things up a bit – our old plans were getting a bit stale so this has come at a great time for everyone.

We had a good day today overall. Lots of information was given out in the mornings and we had some good discussion about how we do spellings, homework and what “outstanding” teaching looks like. At lunchtime we had a shared lunch where everyone had brought in something to share such as quiche, couscous salad, cheese, bread, tabbouleh, cookies and cakes. It was delicious and really nice to catch up with everyone!

I was starting to feel a bit frazzled by the end of the afternoon with all of the things we need to remember to talk to the children about, routines, plans and everything else. Feeling a lot more ready now though, I just need to write everything down in a list to make sure I don’t forget anything! Looking forward to seeing the new class tomorrow!


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  1. Congratulations!

    Drama, dance and music for children is an interest for me yet I lack skill in each as I’m more likely behind a camera, light or sound panel. I like the idea of an Australian connection.

    It seems to me we always have so much to discuss at first. We know it’s all important but need help to remember. I also made a list I could check off. It makes life so much easier on the first day with the children. πŸ™‚

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  2. Very true! It’s something that’s hard to quantify I suppose. I’ve never seen an “outstanding” lesson – and I watched a lot of episodes of “from good to outstanding” πŸ™‚

  3. Great to hear you are a drama co-ordinator. Please join National Drama and maybe get one or two of my drama books for teachers. Come to the course Pie Corbett and I are leading in London on 21st September? Warm wishes, Patrice

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