New year – new challenges!


Time to set targets for the upcoming year!

1. Go through threshold

I’m due to go onto the upper pay scale this year, so I want to make sure I have checked out all the paperwork thoroughly and fulfil all the criteria. A striaghtforward goal but important!

2. Improve organisation

I want to work really hard on improving my personal organisation this year. This means having a level of filing and paperwork that I would describe as “Ofsted Ready”! We are expecting them this year so I want to make sure I am totally on top of things. Even if it wasn’t for Ofsted, I would want to get this sorted anyway! I have developed a great system at home – when post comes in, it comes to the kitchen table to be opened. All the junk goes straight in the recycling bin, things to be actioned go on the pin board, and I have a hole punch and lever arch file with section dividers in the kitchen right by the table so that important paperwork gets filed immediately. This has been a revolution – saving me lots of time hunting for paperwork and also getting rid of the old towering intray I used to have. I want to set up similar systems in school – so that planning, assessment, absence notes, APP, anything I might need to file has a definite place to be and goes there straight away.

3. Be a good _____ co-ordinator

Still waiting to hear which co-ordinator post/s I have been allocated, but I intend to work really hard on doing a great job with these!

4. Continue to integrate ICT and drama across curriculum

I want to continue with the work I started last year, making sure I don’t get complacent and am always looking to make good use of drama and ICT. We have already written a new topic called “PROGRAMMING” into our ICT curriculum map for the year, which will be great! I also want to introduce other staff to ideas that they can use so that they can see the effect it can have on learning too. I am hoping to possibly persuade one or two to have their own blog and maybe even Quadblog by the end of the year! This autumn I am in a quad that includes schools across the UK and also in Australia, I’m really looking forward to connecting with them!

5. Maths teaching

I am having a complete change in focus with my maths teaching this year. I will be teaching the small group (about 15) of lower ability children for 3 days a week, then teaching the same children combined with the 3rd set on the 4th day of the week, with the final day being class maths. This will be a new challenge for me, as for the past 5 years I have always taught either the 1st or 2nd set, which is a completely different way of working. I will have to do lots of research and find great resources. I am looking forward to hopefully building their confidence in maths and helping them to succeed!

6. ‘Big writing’

We have decided to try to take on some of the Big Writing principles in school. We are going to teach literacy units as normal, then plan in opportunities during our Creative Curriculum time to use these skills in a piece of cross-curricular writing. For example, we are beginning the year with “Significant Children’s Authors – Michael Morpurgo”, so next half term when we study migration I might ask the children to write a story about someone who was forced to leave their home, writing in the style of Michael Morpurgo. Of course I’ve used literacy skills across the curriculum in previous years, but not in such a structured and deliberate way. I’m hoping this will be great for enabling the children to revisit topics and embed their understanding of the different genres, in a way that is hopefully interesting and relevant.

7. Self-directed learning

This was working brilliantly towards the end of last year, so I want to make sure I introduce this right from the start of this year. This is where children set themselves a target of something they would like to improve, and work towards this in specific scheduled time or whenever theyhave completed their class work early. I look forward to seeing what impact this has!

Those are my main targets for the year ahead – I’m also keen to run a few more extra-curricular clubs – I have Creative Writing Club, which will of course continue, and the newspaper club, which is going completely online this year. I would also like to run a Scratch club and maybe even offer Latin! I’m going to wait and see how my workload is first though and make sure I have the time and energy to do them justice.

Looking forward to a great year ahead!


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