Writing Teachers


Having mentioned Writing Teachers on my last post, I was asked to tell more, so here goes!

Writing Teachers is held once a month at the education building at the UEA (where I did my PGCE). It’s run by Jeni Smith, one of the PGCE tutors, who is passionate about teaching writing! I always loved her lectures and workshops when I was doing the course, so when I heard she was running the “Writing Teachers” group I jumped at the chance to attend!

The first session was held last month. There were about 15 of us and we were given several different prompts to work on. EG: Write 5 words that you really like – maybe they mean something to you, or are special, or you like the sound of. (Mine were: myriad, immiscible, Styrofoam, estrella and incendescent)  Write a poem in praise of something that doesn’t usually get recognition. (I did the pampas grass outside my house. And coffee. I love coffee!) Write about yourself as a writer. Write a sentence that reminds you of some of the stories you tell in your life.

We then had time to write silently before we shared our work with others (if we wanted to).

I found it a really valuable experience and it actually got me writing again after a very difficult 10 months in which I had done hardly any regular writing – maybe 8000 words in the whole year, apart from editing. Since I attended the group I have written 10,000 words in just a few weeks. Having the prompts to work from and the support of the others in the group seems to have got the words flowing again!

The group is great because it is all about being open, writing together, letting ideas come, and there is also time to reflect on writing and what it means to write. It’s great to be put in the position of the writers in our classes and to see things from the other side of the fence, so to speak!

I’m really looking forward to the next session. I’ve also got my poetry course, Well Versed, beginning on Thursday, and will blog about that afterwards too. I really am feeling extremely literary at the moment!


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  1. This sounds really amazing. Sometimes I think all teachers should have to do something like this. Not because we all want to be writers but because it’s easy to forget how tricky it can be for the the children to write. Sometimes we need to be put in their shoes.

  2. Hey Nikki – that sounds great….do they let ex-teachers come along?

    My five words would be:
    extraordinary, twit, hullabaloo, paradox and focus..but I could keep going, I love a lot of words…..entirety, ravenous, plop, exasperated and teet….and perhaps: perhaps, cosmos, rampage, haggle and authentic and there’s
    nevertheless, itch, lullaby, snotty and vague….would I be told off if I did more than five?

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