What a tiring week!


This week has been one of the most exhausting I can remember for a very long time!

Had Parents’ Evenings on Monday and Thursday, 3.30-6.00 both times. It was lovely actually, the parents were very nice, the children all seem really happy and I got a lot of positive comments about the blog! One comment that stood out to me was “It’s changing the way she talks about her learning.” This is really important to me – helping children share their learning with their parents and allowing them to talk together about what goes on in school. As a parent myself I know how easy it is to feel locked out of what goes on in the classroom and I really want to help the parents know more about what we’re doing, and to let the children feel proud of their achievements.

On Tuesday I was at an RE meeting and have volunteered to help write the new agreed syllabus! That’s going to be a big job I think!

Wednesday was drama – we planned a session as part of a group based on the book “A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts” (yes, there were a few jokes!). It was a productive session and interesting to see how our thoughts developed and what the focus became. The downside was I was so tired I had to down several cups of coffee to wake me up and then may have become a bit hyper!

Today has been one of my highlights of the school year, the Country Show. This is a school tradition in which children are given categories to choose from such as “Your favourite country in a shoe box”, “Halloween eggs”, “Poem about bonfires”, “Bad taste biscuits” or “Fruit and vegetable aliens” and they then have to make something creative and crafty. They bring them to school on Friday evening/Saturday morning, PTA and governors judge them and write each child comments (often involving puns, especially on the eggs and the vegetable items!), and every child gets a certificate with the best entries receiving a special certificate as well. It’s so great to see what the children come up with – they are incredibly imaginative and come up with things that I would never think of! On the Saturday afternoon everyone can come to see all the creations on display and there is also a tombola, car boot sale etc. It’s a lovely whole school/community event.

Here are a few pics from the day:

I’m going to have as relaxing a day tomorrow as I possibly can. Got a few books to mark, couple of lessons to plan and some novel to write but trying to conserve energy for next week! Got another Parents’ Evening from 4-7 Monday, Writing Teachers on Wednesday and my poetry course Thursday. Mainly fun things but still another very busy week! Thank goodness after that is half term! (and my birthday!)


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