Exciting day ahead…shhhhhh!


We have got a very exciting day planned for the children this week! Think it is going to happen on Wednesday or Thursday depending on schedules. It is top secret until the day itself!

Our new Creative Curriculum topic is called “People on the Move” and it’s all about migration and refugees. The night before the event, we are sending home a sealed envelope with strict instructions on it – it is not to be opened until the next morning, 5 minutes before they would usually leave the house.

When they open the letter, it tells them that they are going to be “evacuated” from their home and must pack a bag immediately. The parents are not to help them choose what to take. They then come to school with their bag. We may tip over a few tables so the classroom looks a bit of a mess. They show each other what they have brought and will write down what they wish they had brought if only they had had more time.

After this, we take them into the playground where there will be a big pile of bricks, tarpaulins, sheets, poles, etc. They imagine they have arrived here and have to build a shelter that they will stay in. They have to organise their groups however they want. They should soon realise they need a few people together to help them build but too many and they will not be able to build a shelter big enough!

It sounds really exciting and I think it should be a fun entry point into a very interesting topic.  We also have some poets coming into school to work with us in a few weeks to talk about refugees who came to Norwich and help to develop the children’s ideas and understanding.


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  1. Wow – how amazing! I wanted to do something similar for WW2 evacuation topic last year – but was told it would be too scary for the kids. Good luck, can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. This sounds fantastic! I have seen examples where teachers have used an ‘immersion’ stimulus in the classroom (a really good one for Skellig which I might blog about tomorrow), but I haven’t seen the technique used beyond the school day! Are the parents aware of your plans?

    I’m sure there will be many of us keen to hear the outcomes of this inspiring plan.

    Good luck and kind regards,


  3. The parents don’t know about it yet! They will only find out about it when they open the letter in the morning. Actually I think I may have described it slightly wrongly, they are not actually staying overnight, it is the next morning that they pack the bag and the whole thing does take place over a normal school day. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression there! Should still be lots of fun though!

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