Children assessing learning


I have had a really brilliant day today. My new class are absolutely lovely – they listen carefully, follow instructions well and are kind to each other. It’s not just first day honeymoon either – all their previous teachers have said what a great class they are. The great thing about this is that we will get to do lots of fun things. For example, today I did brain gym because I knew that we could do it, enjoy it and then get back on with our work without any silliness or fuss.

So I have already tried out a few things! Today in our ICT we did some research and put our results on a Wallwisher.The children really loved it! Here is their work:

After the lesson I asked them to fill in a learning review. I got the idea from Tom Barrett here: It’s idea 10.

The results were very interesting! It showed me that the children had really enjoyed the lesson, but a few of them would have preferred to use Textease to present their findings. Some of them were frustrated that they hadn’t found the answers to their questions, so I know to follow that up to help them find what they’re looking for. Many of them said they had put in 100% effort and were very confident, a few were less confident, and assessment of the challenge of the lesson ranged from an easy 2 to a moderately challenging 6.

I’m going to have the form open on a classroom computer after each lesson so that early finishers can go over and add their thoughts. It’ll also be available on the blog so that they can add their thoughts from home or at a later date. I hope it will give me very useful data!


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