Assets to school


Had a great evening last night! My friend from school arrived to pick me up just after I finished my last blog post and we headed into the city.

It was nice to see everyone outside school – we really do have a great staff! After a refreshing Peroni and some fun chat I was feeling lots better. I spoke to a few people about Forest Schools and they were really enthusiastic so we will be trying to push ahead with that. Great news also was when we were joined by a lady who had been working at our school at the end of last term temporarily. I thought she was just out to catch up with us all but it turns out she has joined the school permanently! Excellent news!

After that I got home and caught up on my email to find that Pupil Asset had already been back in touch with me and said that if I send them an electronic copy of our APP grids they will set it up for us on their system. I have never met a more helpful company I don’t think! I will have to write a more detailed blog post later about who Pupil Asset are and what they do as I think lots of people would be interested but may not have heard of them.

I emailed my HOY at 11.30 last night to tell her about the APP news. She has emailed me back this morning to say I need to turn off my school head and have a rest! 🙂 So I’m off to the shops now and meeting some friends for coffee later. Have a lovely weekend!


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    • Ha ha yes you did tell me to do that! I meant to but then I checked my emails and got all excited! 🙂 I’ve had a lovely day today although I think I was a bit daft leaving uniform shopping til the last Saturday of the holidays!

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