First day back


This morning we spent quite a while looking at our “School Vision” and starting to think about our new School Improvement and Development Plan – how we are going to reach this vision! As a “Big Picture” type of person, I’m glad we are looking at the destination first and then deciding the best way to get there.

We were given several different statements and asked to make suggestions as to what we could do to achieve them. I was keen to share all my new ideas! So where it said “Make international links” I was quick to suggest Twitter, Voicethread and blogging! Professional Development for teachers – I suggested #ukedchat, Twitter, Teachmeets, blogs and the “techie brekkie”. The people I talked to were very keen to talk about all these ideas and so I’m hoping at least some of it will take off.

Good news and bad news on the ICT co-ordinator front – the head still wants the head of Y6 to co-ordinate both science and ICT, but they are both happy for me to help and get involved so it will still be something interesting for me to do and something I can put on my CV.

Everyone seems pretty sure we will be getting Ofsteded soon – so we are keeping well on top of things! I’ve got my teacher file on the go already and I’m very happy with how my classroom is set out and my groupings. Today I set up all my pencil trays, felt tip trays, book boxes and that sort of thing. I’m very pleased that everyone who has come in the room says how nice it looks. It does feel very cosy!

Oh and today I also have another interest to look into – Forest Schools! As a former Brownie/Guide, I am very nostalgic for the days of camping, singing songs round the campfire, making A-frames and trying to build things to get across rivers. Forest Schools sounds right up my street so I think I will have some more reading to do this weekend!


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