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Challenging Myself


Tomorrow is September 1st – the start of the new school year! I’ve always liked this time of year – full of optimism and the potential of a fresh start.

I’ve been thinking over the summer about the ways I plan to challenge and extend myself this year and have come up with a list of plans!

1) Assessment involvement

Last year my Performance Management was linked to me wanting to become Assessment Co-ordinator. I did a lot of work last year, involving leading APP moderation, working with our new tracker (Pupil Asset) and target setting. I’m hoping to get even more involved this year so I can take on the role of co-ordinator!

2) Using more technology in class

I really like hearing about all the different types of new technology that are available and how people are using them. It can all seem a bit overwhelming though! I have therefore decided to try one new techie thing a week! I will give each one a try at home and see where it would fit in well to my teaching that week. I’m hoping this will enable me to get used to lots of new things and help me to integrate them into my teaching.

3) D4LC

I will be taking part in D4LC (Drama for Learning and Creativity) this year. This involves going to some twilight sessions to learn more about using drama within the classroom then trying out some of these approaches. I like using drama and often think I don’t do it enough so I am hoping this will force me out of my comfort zone and teach me some new methods and ideas.

4) Poetry course with Norwich Writers Centre

This is another exciting project. Some writers will be coming into school to do some poetry workshops with the children, and I will be going on a 6 week course to learn more about teaching poetry. Poetry is a real love of mine and I always feel it doesn’t get the same attention as narrative & non-fiction do – well, it can’t really be assessed, can it?! But I think it has a lot to offer children and I will be very interested to see what I learn on this course.

5) ICT co-ordinator

Thanks to my PLN on Twitter I feel I am getting a real insight into the power of ICT across the curriculum and I have the feeling we are under-utilising it at school at the moment. I’ve asked if I can take on the role of ICT co-ordinator as the former ICT person has taken on Maths and so ICT is currently available. It may go to the Science co-ordinator, in which case I have offered to help and get involved. I like the idea of doing “Techie Brekkie” (or lunch!) where I could introduce some of the new technologies I’m trialling to my colleagues. I think people would really like to try some of them if they knew they existed! I will also be trying to recruit people to Twitter but I am not sure it will work! I can only try though!

6) Teachmeets

I am looking forward to more Teachmeets this year! First the second one in Norwich, which I will be helping with in whatever way I can, and then TMM11! I really enjoyed my first experience earlier this year and learnt a lot so it will be great to go again and learn even more!

7) Problem solving in maths

We have moved to a new way of teaching maths this year. The children will be in sets for 3 days a week and then in their normal classes for 2 days doing problem solving in mixed ability groups of 4. I’m really looking forward to it! It will be a new challenge as it is a very different way of working but I think it will be very beneficial for the children. Another teacher and I will each be teaching a parallel top/middle set, rather than having top and middle separated which will mean we can plan closely together, which will also be good.

Those are my plans so far – I’m looking forward to getting started on them! I am also working with a new year group team who are FAB and I think we are really going to work well together. My class also are obviously the main feature of the year and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them all at our changeover morning. I think it’s going to be a good year!


New blog!



I have set up this blog to share my thoughts about teaching. Hence the title!

It’s for those things that are too long for Twitter, things I am trying out, ideas, musings, cogitations etc.

I hope it will be useful to share my ideas, crystallise my thoughts and act as a reflective journal.

More later!